Insulated Glass Units (Thermos)

We specialize in the installation of residential and commercial insulated glass units (thermos). Whether you’re looking to improve your home’s insulation or reduce your business’s energy costs, our custom solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

  • Superior Insulation: Insulated glass units help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your space, reducing the need for overheating or overcooling.
  • Energy Savings: By reducing heat or cold losses, thermos help decrease your energy consumption.
  • Custom Design: We offer a variety of options to fit your aesthetic and functional needs. Our team will help you choose the right style for your project.
  • Expert Service: Our qualified technicians have the expertise to safely and efficiently install thermos. They ensure that each piece is perfectly fitted and sealed for optimal performance.

Double Glass Thermos

Triple Glass Thermos

In order to make buildings brighter and more energy efficient, the construction industry is turning to the use of sealed units, also called thermos, with double or triple glass in nearly all new constructions. A thermo is a composition of two or three panes of glass between which an air or gas space is present and maintained by a spacer and a sealant all around. An infinite number of compositions exist for the manufacture of a sealed unit. Here are the main types of thermos present in residential constructions:

Thickness of the Glass in a Thermo

At the residential level, the main thicknesses of thermo glasses are 3 to 4mm depending on the dimensions and the use (window or patio door). It is also possible to obtain thicker glass when the thermo is very large. Our specialists will be able to advise you according to your needs.

– Double thermo 3mm
– Double thermo 3mm with argon gas and Low-E film
– Double thermo 4mm tempered glass (patio door)
– Thermo double 4mm tempered glass with argon gas and Low-E film (patio door)
– Triple thermo 3mm
– Triple thermo 3mm with argon gas and Low-E film
– Triple thermo 4mm tempered glass (patio door)
– Triple thermo 4mm tempered glass with argon gas and Low-E film (patio door)

Basic Composition of a Thermo

The composition of a double thermo contains 2 panes of glass with a median strip of aluminum or plastic containing small insulating beads and surrounded by a sealant. Thus, the air space creates a thermal barrier.

Energy Efficient Thermos

In order for a thermo to be energy efficient, the air is replaced by argon (gas) and a low emissivity film is applied to repel the sun’s radiation. These compositions improve the insulating properties of the thermo.

Tempered Thermos

For any thermo inside a door, such as a patio door, the thermo glass must be tempered (see Tempered Glass section). The fact that the glass is tempered makes it more resistant to breakage and more secure if a breakage should occur.

Energy Efficient Thermos

In order to obtain an increased insulation of temperature and sound, certain doors and windows have triple thermos. One additional glass and spacer is added, as opposed to a double glazed thermo.

Thermos Disuse

A thermo becomes obsolete when the seal and/or insulation is compromised. This occurs when the seal around the thermo breaks, gas or air escapes, or the low-emissivity film degrades. Symptoms of these conditions are fogging inside the thermo and/or staining of any of the thermo’s internal surfaces. Replacing the thermo is the only lasting solution to this type of situation.